Step 1: Organize Leadership

prepare steering committee

The success of our work depends on the strength of the leadership committee that is set in place. Taking the time to identify indigenous leaders who will carry the work through the next two phases and well into the future is imperative. Upon launching a new city relationship and setting up a team, the first step we take is to network and gain recommendations and links to city-based networks based on our criteria. Next, we host rich, in-depth conversations with prospective steering committee leaders.

Step 2: Design Campaign

facilitate community-designed identity campaign

Once the indigenous leader steering committee is in place, we support their organization of youth, families and residents to design, build and launch their citywide campaign. The campaign is community-designed, and its purpose is centered on branding a ratified community identity. The aim is to bring cultural and historical narratives, norms, values and standards of excellence to the forefront, inspiring motivating factors for action and participation. This process lays the foundation for the community to pursue transformative action through a mindset shift. The campaign process is facilitated using TandemED innovative customized curriculum, focusing on marketing and branding for community campaigns. We also provide technical assistance in delivering the campaign using various marketing collateral and community relationships.

Step 3: Deliver Campaign

support community negotiation for institutional responsiveness

After the community-designed campaign is launched in a city, we support the indigenous leader steering committee in fostering relationships with institutional leaders. We want both groups to commit to investing in the ongoing campaign, while supporting emerging community-based social actions. Our goal here is to reinforce the value proposition that institutional responsiveness to community-defined campaigns and actions offer the greatest hope for mutually beneficial outcomes for both institutions and communities.  We utilize our strength of understanding the language and interests of both to stand at the intersection of the two groups to weave strong bonds of authentic impact.