As an example, we share the "Black is Pittsburgh" campaign mobilized and designed by the Pittsburgh, PA community using the TandemEd facilitation process and design tools.  

Key Investors/Partners


Pittsburgh Investors/Partners

  • The Heinz Endowments
  • Urban League of Greater Pittsburgh
  • POISE Foundation
  • Pittsburgh Public Schools
  • Young Men and Women's African Heritage Association
  • Robert Morris University
  • NEED African American Male Mentoring Initiative

Pittsburgh Campaign Steering Committee

Campaign Design Ambassadors

TandemEd works with the Pittsburgh campaign steering committee to oversee the design process and clarify the role they sought to play in guiding the campaign ambassadors during the forthcoming design process. The campaign steering committee consisted of community members who have the visibility, trust, and respect of youth, families, and residents in Pittsburgh.

TandemEd along with the steering committee worked with select Pittsburgh youth and young adult campaign ambassadors. These ambassadors worked on the campaign messaging using their own talents as well as feedback they derived from the broader Pittsburgh black community. The final campaign was named "Black Is Pittsburgh" to debunk the myth that a black person must leave the city to be successful by the community's own standards of excellence. 

"black-is-Pittsburgh" Campaign (named by community)

partner highlight (above)

Pittsburgh Public Schools, in response to the "Black is Pittsburgh" campaign aligned its programming and work with students, including professional development training for principals on immersing the campaign into schools and making the messaging core to the district-wide WePromise initiative.

"We are extremely proud to support this project. Unfortunately, too many of the images we see of Black youth are negative and are not a true representation of our community. This project allows our community to tell our story and showcase the positive assets we do have” - Mark Lewis, Campaign Partner, President/CEO POISE Foundation

“This process was valuable to me because it gave me a better perspective of who I am and how I should use that throughout my life” - Brett Searcy, 16, Campaign Ambassador

“The organic nature of the movement allows Black youth to push through pain to places of peace, power and purpose” - Jason Rivers, Campaign Steering Committee, Founder AR3 East Liberty Basketball Tournament


Inspired Action highlight (Right)

The campaign itself inspired many participants and recipients to either create, advance, or join initiatives and actions that build off of the assets of their community, and to negotiate the relationship in more beneficial ways with responsive institutions. One highlight of an inspired initiative came by way of Leon Ford, who after participating began his "Voices" Project to further change the narrative and stop the violence in the community. See one of his videos to the right, as well as learn more about him and his work at



Leon Ford's "Voices" Project