Designing the Campaign

The design process spanned a period of three months as youth and young adults engaged the broader Pittsburgh community to design the identity campaign. Dr. Delancy H. Bennett, Assistant Professor of Marketing at Clemson University, joined our team as guide for this endeavor, bringing a deep background in marketing that included leadership for the Carolina Panthers NFL franchise. The community finalized a campaign which they entitled “Black is Pittsburgh,” which reflected their desire to influence the mindset of Black Pittsburgh residents that it is possible to be Black, successful, and live in Pittsburgh.


Delivering the Campaign

After designing the campaign, TandemED supported the community in expanding the message through many media venues, including campaign ads that were featured throughout cable television channels. This included negotiating and partnering with the local schools - Pittsburgh Public Schools (PPS) - to incorporate these campaign messages within their programs and classrooms. This included PPS aligning programming within its WePromise Black Male Initiative, professional development training for select principals, and forums with student groups. Read about our thinking on campaigns and K-12 public schools here!