Co-Founders Dr. Dorian O. Burton and Dr. Brian C.B. Barnes additionally provide thought leadership on non-profits and philanthropies that complements the innovation of TandemEd. See below past and upcoming events and resources from our Co-Founders:


September 12, 2017, Stanford University, Stanford, CA

September 13, 2017, Dallas, TX

American Heart Association

Keynote: Dr. Brian CB Barnes

"Justice in Practice: Health Institutions responding to Community Leadership"

October 10, 2017, Tucson, AZ

National Center for Families Learning Families Learning Conference 2017

Moderator: Dr. Dorian O. Burton

Panelist: Dr. Brian CB Barnes

October 12, 2017, San Francisco, CA


Past (Highlights)

July 21, 2017, Washington, D.C.

Urban Institute - Center on Non-Profits and Philanthropy

Presenter: Dr. Brian CB Barnes

"Theory and Model for Community-Led Social Impact"


June 14, Online (International)


May 4, 2017, Memphis, TN

New Leaders (for New Schools)

Presenter: Dr. Brian CB Barnes

"Reframing Community Engagement in Education"