TandemEd envisions vibrant and thriving communities of color with a unified narrative about their rich history, present opportunity, and sustainability into the future.



TandemEd offers consulting services that both focus on racial issues and create equity using a collective impact approach rooted in community leadership and institutional responsiveness. We apply our national experience to guide neighborhoods through the process of collaboration, innovation, intervention, and ultimately, the promotion of community as a social foundation of immeasurable value. TandemEd utilizes asset-based community development and inter-organization collaboration to build on the existing strengths of each neighborhood to achieve collective impact and realize broad social goals.

TandemEd’s clients include a wide range of organizations that all impact community wellbeing and that desire to contribute as much as possible to the lives of the people whom they affect.  We work with philanthropic institutions, nonprofits, local government, and education agencies to strengthen their organizations to be responsive to community leadership, and we collaborate with community members and grass roots organizations to define and implement their goals with fidelity. We additionally focus on refining the narrative and developing the necessary resources and capacity for our clients and their allies to proactively align resources and drive lasting change. With the coaching of TandemEd, social organizations will find the true power of the tools they deploy.



We provide client-centered services that aid in efforts to unite communities of color in leading the development of youth and the strengthening of their communities.

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  2013-2015  HGSE Education Entrepreneurship Competition Winner / i-lab Residents   

2013-2015 HGSE Education Entrepreneurship Competition Winner / i-lab Residents


  2016  Social Entrepreneurship Finalists

2016 Social Entrepreneurship Finalists

  2017  CEO Named Scholar PLP: TandemEd

2017 CEO Named Scholar PLP: TandemEd