TandemEd provides coaching and guidance to institutions investing in local community leadership campaigns and initiatives.  These are institutions who demonstrate a commitment to bring equity and justice to the forefront of their interactions with the local communities that they serve. Below are samples of the thought leadership lens that guides our support to institutions who desire to be responsive to communities, along with a recent and upcoming calendar of engagements by two of our Co-Founders, Dr. Brian C.B. Barnes and Dr. Dorian O. Burton. Contact us to learn more about how we might work with you in supporting your community-based leaders. 

Watch Dr. Brian Barnes and Dr. Dorian Burton C0-Present at the Stanford Non-Profit Management Institute (Left)

Watch Dr. Brian Barnes and Dr. Dorian Burton C0-Present at the Stanford Non-Profit Management Institute (Left)

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Dr. Dorian Burton and Dr. Brian Barnes Recent Engagements:


Upcoming: fall 2018

Foundation Center

September 13, 2018, Online

Summer 2018

Childrens Defense Fund

July 17-19, Clinton, TN

Annual Proctor Institute for Child Advocacy Ministry

Workshop Facilitator: Dr. Brian C.B. Barnes

“Telling Our Stories of Communities in Crisis”

American Heart Association

June 28, Hartford, CT

Northeast Health Equity Summit

Keynotes: Dr. Brian C.B. Barnes and Dr. Dorian Burton

Spring 2018

Hartford Foundation for Public Giving

May 23, Hartford, CT

Superintendents and Education Leaders Colloquium

Keynote Presenter: Dr. Brian C.B. Barnes

“Reframing Community Engagement for Sustainable Academic Excellence”

Mills College

May 1, Online

Master of Education Class

EDU410: Communities, Schools, and Critical Social Theory

Guest Presenter: Dr. Brian C.B. Barnes

Grantmakers for Effective Organizations

April 30, San Francisco, CA

2018 National Conference

Opening Keynote: Dr. Brian C.B. Barnes

winter 2017-2018

Freedom Preparatory Charter Schools

Feb. 26, Memphis, TN

Teacher Residency Program

Guest Presenter: Dr. Brian C.B. Barnes

Vanderbilt University

Feb. 23, Nashville, TN

Doctor of Education Program

Guest Class Lecturer: Dr. Brian C.B. Barnes

New Leaders (for New Schools)

Feb. 20, Memphis, TN

Guest Presenter: Dr. Brian C.B. Barnes


Jan. 25,  Washington, D.C.

2018 National Mentoring Summit

Panelist: Dr. Brian C.B. Barnes

LITE Let's Innovate Through Education

Jan. 6, Memphis, TN

 Presenter: Dr. Brian C.B. Barnes

Wallace Foundation/NYC Leadership Academy

Dec. 19, Minneapolis, MN

 Presenter: Dr. Brian C.B. Barnes

Fall 2017

September 12, 2017, Stanford University, Stanford, CA

September 13, 2017, Dallas, TX

American Heart Association

Keynote: Dr. Brian CB Barnes

"Justice in Practice: Health Institutions responding to Community Leadership"

October 10, 2017, Tucson, AZ

National Center for Families Learning Families Learning Conference 2017

Moderator: Dr. Dorian O. Burton

Panelist: Dr. Brian CB Barnes

October 12, 2017, San Francisco, CA

Summer 2017

July 21, 2017, Washington, D.C.

Urban Institute - Center on Non-Profits and Philanthropy

Presenter: Dr. Brian CB Barnes

"Theory and Model for Community-Led Social Impact"

June 14, Online (International)