TandemEd envisions vibrant and thriving communities of color with a unified narrative about their rich history, present opportunity, and sustainability into the future.



TandemEd is a national organization dedicated to supporting Black communities to reclaim the leadership of our narratives and collective story in tandem with our ongoing efforts to develop youth and build community. We offer and support communities to utilize our model to deliver these elements using media campaigns and community-led venues, while ensuring that surrounding institutions servicing our communities align themselves accordingly. TandemEd is an idea generator and facilitator, providing capacity building and technical expertise in planning and implementing the model. We work alongside select individuals and local anchor organizations with an aligned philosophy throughout the planning and implementation of the initiative.

TandemEd’s clients are a wide range of organizations that desire to contribute to development of communities to meet their own goals: philanthropic institutions, nonprofits, local government, and education agencies who seek to collaborate with community members and grass roots organizations to define and implement their goals with fidelity. We additionally focus on refining the narrative and developing the necessary resources and capacity for our communities to  drive lasting change. Reach out to us today to find ways that we can partner with you in the collective goal to promote community-based leadership.



TandemEd educates and propels communities of color to lead their own social change efforts in tandem with institutions willing to align with community-based efforts.

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